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RCCA began in 1989 and was modelled after a Japanese-style “Juku.” This intensive training institute concentrates short teaching modules which the students learn in class and subsequently complete at home.  The work (comprising approximately 2 hours homework), is to be prepared for the following class, one week later.  The goal is intensive training in English, to prepare students to elevate their grades, ultimately preparing them for entrance into university. This intensive structure is thus very efficient  to achieve these goals.


RCCA is undergirded with a focus on traditional values and a phonics-based , grammatical discipline.  All of the writing modules taught are highly structured in content.  As such,  all students know exactly what is required of them when they write.  The writing disciplines taught are very applicable to the students’ classroom setting.  Some of the content includes Essay Writing, Narrative Story Summaries, Short Compositions, and Research skills.  An increase in Vocabulary and Grammar Skills is highly emphasized to maximize the effect of Writing. 

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B.A., B.Ed., B.C. Licensed Teacher

Mr. Harms

Mr. Harms, B.A. B.Ed., a licensed teacher in B.C., teaches all levels and classes.  He has taught for more than 30 years and appreciates a traditional and structured approach to teaching English. Many of his students have entered excellent universities and have attributed much of their success in English to the learning they had at RCCA.   


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